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Don't have a Google or Microsoft Account?

No problem! You can create a Google or Microsoft Account with any email address. A Gmail or Outlook account is not required.

Single Sign On

We also support enterprise grade login for Coggle Organisations with OneLogin, Okta, and other SAML 2.0 identity providers.

If you're a single-sign on user, log in using the page shared by your Organisation's administrator.

Read more about Single Sign On.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I create a username and password?

Coggle only supports Google or Microsoft login. We believe this is the best way to keep your data safe.

Storing usernames and passwords may seem simple on the outside, but there's a lot of intricacy: password recovery, 2-factor authentication, fraud detection, brute-force attack detection, and securely storing hashed and salted passwords. We believe that leaving these tasks to an external provider is the right thing to do – leaving us more time to focus on creating a great mind-mapping experience.

What do you do with my Google/Microsoft account?

We only ask for access to your basic profile information. This includes your name, profile picture and your email address. We don't ask for access to your contacts, emails, Google Drive documents, or anything else that we don't need to make Coggle work.

Can I use Microsoft login if I previously used Google login?

Yes! If you use a Microsoft account that has the same email address as your Google account, you can use both methods to log in to the same Coggle account.

Can you read my emails?

No. We don't need, and don't want, access to your emails! We just request your basic profile information. We don't have access to anything else, and we can't change any setting on your Google/Microsoft account.

Can I use another Authentication Provider to access Coggle?

Currently we only support Google and Microsoft account login for personal accounts.

We support SAML 2.0 login for Coggle Organisations, and if you're interested in hosting your own version of Coggle with Active Directory login then get in touch with our enterprise sales address.

I've still got a question about login

Ask us! Our email is